Learn About Cheap Cable TV for Low Income Families

There are many cable companies with budget deals and packages that can help you afford your connection. From AT&T deals to Xfinity packages, you can find a cable package that fits into your budget. Cable doesn’t have to be a luxury, especially when these packages can cut your bill in half. 

Cable TV deals are not always broadcasted across the television or posted on billboards. Although, it often takes a little digging to find low-cost cable packages. Those who meet certain eligibility requirements and income criteria can get connected without breaking the bank. 

Of course, the deals depend on the cable companies located within your area. Certain companies are not always available in various parts of the country. For example, those who live in rural areas may not have the widest selection of providers. Learn more about how to find these deals and ways you can negotiate for better prices.

Learn About the Top Cheap Cable Companies

There are dozens of cable companies throughout the United States. Depending on where you live, you may be restricted to just a handful of providers. Nevertheless, here are the top companies that offer the most affordable packages.


DISH network deals are not hard to come by. The company offers four different packages:

  • America’s Top 120 ($59.99/month): This basic package has 190 channels, including local channels like CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX.
  • America’s Top 120 Plus ($69.99/month): You get over 190 channels, including NFL Network and Regional Sports.
  • America’s Top 200 ($79.99/month): More than 240 channels with premium options available. 
  • America’s Top 250 ($89.99/month): This is the ultimate package, with over 290 channels, including movie channels.

Note: These DISH network deals and prices reflect two-year contracts and may fluctuate depending on the area in which you live. Not included in the above prices are equipment fees and DVR service fees.

AT&T / DirecTV

AT&T deals are often one in the same with DirecTV deals, due in part by the two cable giants’ merger in 2015. The best cable TV deals are bundled with internet, and DirecTV offers several internet bundles worth mentioning.

For $65 per month, you can get the “Select” cable package as well as AT&T internet. The package includes 150 channels, like Comedy Central and Food Network. For even more savings, merge your internet and TV bill together to get free unlimited data.

Note: AT&T deals on internet are not available everywhere. Check with the provider to see if your area is covered. 


Xfinity cable is available to low-income families through many package options. Starting at just $24.99 per month, families can get up to 100 channels through the Comcast affiliate. Comcast cable deals are now offered through Xfinity after the merger.

Keep in mind Xfinity cable deals are not offered in all areas. It is important to note that prices and packages vary depending on the area.

How to Find Cable TV Deals

Searching for cable TV deals is often a long, drawn-out process. Sorting through dozens of packages, hidden fees and service costs is overwhelming. Cable companies do not always reveal their best packages in bold letters. It takes some digging, but affordable deals do exist. 

The best way to find cheap cable TV for low income families is to try out different sign-up methods. First, do your research into the companies in your area. Compare prices, packages and options with all providers. 

Then, visit a few online deal forums. These threads are goldmines for the latest deals and discounts. Cable users often post their knowledge of current and upcoming promotions, which you can use to find the best prices and discounts. 

After deciding on one or two cable companies you may be interested in using, visit both websites. Find the best deal they offer and jot down notes about contracts, equipment fees and service charges. 

Finding the best cable provider doesn’t stop there. Armed with your knowledge of their best offers, give them a call. Oftentimes, agents will offer to throw in some extras that were not offered on the website. This kind of interaction can lower the price even more.

Last but not least, speak with a representative via online chat. See if the agent offers even more than the representative offered on the phone. 

How to Find Cheap Cable TV for Low Income Households 

If AT&T deals and Xfinity cable packages do not quite offer the services you want, there are a few alternatives you can try. Internet streaming is becoming extremely popular as a cheap alternative to traditional cable contracts.

Unlike cable companies, many internet streaming providers do not have rate increases after a contract ends. In fact, most streaming providers do not even have yearly contracts. This provides users with the freedom to cancel whenever they like without penalty. 

The cost of streaming TV is often far less than the cost of cable. Streaming live TV is more expensive than traditional streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, but it is still usually less than cable.

Even the best TV service provider does not offer the flexibility of an internet streaming provider. You can watch TV where you want, when you want. Simply sign up for an account and log in from an internet-connected device anywhere in the world to access your shows. A few popular choices include:

  • Sling TV.
  • YouTube TV.
  • Hulu.
  • Netflix.
  • DirecTV Now.
  • HBO Go.
  • Amazon Prime TV.

How to Negotiate a Lower Cable TV Price

Negotiating with cable companies has been a proven technique to lowering one’s cable bill. Companies do not want to lose customers, sp paying $10 to $30 less per month means they still get paid while the customer remains satisfied. 

The benefits of haggling over cable TV deals range from promotional rates, lower monthly bills or free add-ons and services. In other instances, customers report getting waived installation, equipment or rental fees. 

The best way to begin negotiations is to explain your dissatisfaction with your service. Express your interest in ending the service and explain your upcoming cable plans. For example, if you plan to use another provider, let the company know. 

Most cable companies are losing their customers to internet streaming services. Threatening to leave and use a streaming service is one way to haggle for extra benefits and discounts.