Kid-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas

Kid-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas

Why are kids room ideas and decor so much more fun than decorating ideas for adults? From fun colors to cute characters, decorating a kid-friendly room truly brings out your inner child. 

Playroom ideas involve everything from sofas and furniture to toy storage and bookshelves. No matter your child’s passion or personality, you can find something to pique his or her interests. Of course, it’s important to know your child’s likes or dislikes before you start decorating so he or she feels comfortable in the room you create.

Finding kid decoration ideas and following the best cool kids bedroom theme ideas out there give your kids a chance to help. There are many kid-friendly tasks you can have them do to keep them busy and make them feel like they are transforming the room right along with you. Read on to find all the latest kid-friendly decorating tips and techniques. 

Kids Sofa Ideas for the Living Room

Having a designated kids sofa is a great idea for parents who are worried about protecting expensive furniture. If you have kids, you probably already know that they treat the couch more like a bed (and sometimes like a trampoline). Giving them their own couch is a great way to preserve your own sofa while designating a spot just for them.

You can purchase a kids sofa made to fit tiny bums at any furniture store. Small recliners, loveseats and sectionals turn any living room into a fun retreat for the little ones. But did you know you can make a kids sofa in as little as 15 minutes? Instead of shelling out some serious cash at the furniture store, there are tons of DIY furniture tutorials that can save you time and money. 

Some sofa tutorials call for a few wooden boards, nails and cushions. Others don’t require any construction at all — just gather a few pillows and a sewing machine and you’re ready to go. Your choice depends on your preferences and your drill skills. 

General Kids Room Ideas

From boys room decor to fun playroom ideas, there are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating in a kid-friendly way. The goal of any kid-oriented room is to invite creativity and fun while serving as a comfortable space. 

Kid decoration is all about bright, fun colors. Designate one wall as a mural wall, incorporating as many bright colors and fun shapes as you and your child want. If you prefer the walls to stay white, hang some colorful artwork and wall decor to brighten up the space. 

Other cool playroom ideas include creating a chalkboard wall to let the kids’ imagination run wild. Chalkboard paint is quite popular nowadays and is available at many home improvement stores. Another popular idea for playrooms is having a craft table where the kids can color, sketch and write as much as they please.

All good kids room ideas have one thing in common: personalization. Your kids will love seeing their name on the walls or their favorite characters displayed on shelves. Wall decals are a fun way to liven up any playroom, especially if there are certain movie characters or athletes that your children love.

Kids bedroom ideas for small rooms aren’t that different than the ones for bigger rooms. If you’re working with a small space, it’s important to maximize storage to allow your child enough room to play. Instead of a traditional bed, consider a bunk bed with open space below. Your child can use that space as a desk, play area or toy storage space.

Ideas for Kid Decoration

Kid bedroom décor ranges from fun and creative to modern and sleek. Most parents want to decorate their kids’ rooms according to their own style. However, the best decor for a kid’s room incorporates his or her personality, likes and favorite colors.

Some boys room décor includes the classic blues, greens, greys and browns. However, it’s good to mix neutrals with some pops of color like teal or orange. If you cannot get yourself to paint the walls that bright, slap some vinyl wall decals to brighten up the space. 

Cool kids bedroom theme ideas are trendy, but make sure you go with ideas that have some long-term appeal. Your kid might fall in love with a particular movie series and beg you to decorate his or her room using the movie’s colors and theme. Remember that this phase will not last forever — painting the room bright yellow in honor of a new Minions movie may mean having to repaint in just a few months. 

Coming up with kid decoration ideas may be as easy as looking into your child’s backpack. Your child’s art makes for great wall décor. Frame some of his or her best work and hang it proudly on the wall or display it on a shelf. Not only will it fill empty spaces, but your child will love seeing his or her work on display.

Baby Bedroom Ideas

Designing a nursery room is one of the most exciting parts of becoming a new parent. There are tons of baby bedroom ideas to sort through. The way you decorate the bedroom is completely up to you, but here are a few suggestions.

If you are opting for a gender-neutral vibe or prefer not to know the sex, you can’t go wrong with yellow or grey. Yellow has been the go-to for both boys and girls for many years, but grey is a more modern option that matches with everything. 

The new trend in kid decoration and nursey design is minimalism, but that does not mean you can’t choose a few stand-out accent pieces. Choose a cool crib that demands your attention. Then, pair it with soft, neutral tones that feature bold patterns. Chevron is a popular crib linen pattern for boys and girls. 

Whatever theme you choose, make sure it will last beyond infancy. Chances are, the nursery will transform into a toddler’s room. Choose modular furniture that can grow as the baby grows, like changing tables that double as dressers. 

You will be spending a lot of time in your baby’s bedroom, so don’t forget to add a comfortable chair or sofa. If the nursery isn’t big enough for adult-sized furniture, locate a quiet space for nursing and feeding that is close by.