Tips to Organize Your Closet

Tips to Organize Your Closet

Closet organization ideas are all the rage in today’s television and internet streaming services. From Marie Kondo to DYI tips on Pinterest, Americans are itching for space-saving help. 

Small closet ideas are especially popular, since most individuals realize they have way too many clothes to fit into a tiny storage space. No matter how small your closet may be, there are many ways to keep it organized and functional. 

The best way to organize closet space is to declutter. This involves going through your possessions and getting rid of things you no longer wear. The de-clutter process is a great way to bag up your old clothes and donate them to a good cause. 

A bedroom closet isn’t the only area that needs some organizational help. Your linen and bathroom closets should remain neat, tidy and accessible. Organizing closets helps you see everything you own and get the most out of your space. Learn more about how to organize a closet so you can stay clean and organized. 

Declutter Before you Organize

Finding closet organization ideas is a great step, but it should not be the first step you take. The most important part about organizing closets is taking the time to declutter. 

The biggest reason for having an unorganized or messy closet is simply having too many things. There are ways around this, like how to organize a small closet with lots of clothes. But you should always take the time to pull everything out of your closet and sort through your clothes. 

Chances are, you will find items that no longer fit or that you no longer wear. These pieces take up valuable closet space. Instead of putting them back, it may be time to donate them. 

Organizing closets also requires a bit of preparation. During the declutter process, you should consider your shelving setup. Do you need more shelves for your clothes? Do you need more hangers? Before putting your items back, think about how your closet space can be improved

A good way to categorize your items during the declutter process is to make separate piles. You should have one pile of clothes you wish to keep, one pile of clothes you wish to donate and one pile of clothes that are not in the right season. 

Most small closet ideas include rotating the clothes as seasons change. This really only applies if you live in an area with seasons, like the Northeast or Midwest. When the winter arrives, remove your summer tank tops and shorts to make room for bulky sweaters and pants. Put them in a “summer box” and place them in storage.

How to Organize a Closet with Lots of Clothes

Knowing how to organize a small closet with lots of clothes starts with assessing your shelving and hanging needs. If you have many dresses or button-down shirts but not enough bar space to hang them, consider hanging another bar or adding a rod extender. This allows you to fit more hangers.

Other small closet ideas include adding baskets under shelves to maximize the empty space. Also, consider adding shelf dividers to further organize your folded clothes. You should place similar items together. Placing pants in the same area as shirts will only lead to clutter.

Maximize and organize closet space by using the inside of the closet door. Add an over-the-door shelf or simply add a few hooks. You can even mount small storage boxes or baskets to the door for small items, like socks and underwear.

Knowing how to fold your clothes also frees up more shelving room, allowing you more space to store larger amounts of clothes. Folded clothes take up far less space than balled-up shirts or pants. Always lay your clothes flat to fit more pieces.

The best way to organize clothes in a closet is to order them from most to least used. For example, when hanging clothes on a rod, place items you use infrequently toward the back. Keep your most used items toward the front, where they are easier to see and reach.

Tips for Organizing Clutter

Small closet ideas are also great to use when organizing clutter. Clutter is anything that does not have a specific home or does not belong to a specific category. If not handled correctly, clutter can really add up.

During the declutter process when organizing closets, it is important to separate important items from junk. Items that have been sitting around unused are not going to suddenly become interesting. Anything that you do not plan to wear or use is clutter.

Use small boxes to organize small items that do not have a specific home. For example, hair accessories like hair ties, bows, elastics and barrettes should be grouped together in a container. You should use this same method when organizing other types of accessories. 

Organizing a Bathroom Closet

Closet organization ideas for bathrooms are not too different from bedroom closets. In fact, organizing a bathroom closet is a bit easier. The main goal of an organized bathroom or linen closet is to see everything and be able to easily reach it. 

When you are organizing a bathroom closet, the first thing you should do is remove all the items and sort through them. Old towels that have rips or stains can be donated to a charity, like an animal shelter. The same can be said for sheets and pillowcases. 

When the closet is free of clutter, consider your organization. Do you need more shelving? Could you use the free space on the back of the closet door? Consider giving each member of the family their own shelf so they can easily access their items. 

Organizing closets, no matter if they are for the bathroom or bedroom, requires you to consider the items you use the most. If you have cleaning items in the closet, you may use those far more frequently than bath salts, for example. Always place the most used items where they are easy to reach.