How to Decorate a Studio Apartment

How to Decorate a Studio Apartment

Space saving furniture can not only help you save space in a studio apartment, multifunctional furniture can also lower furniture expenses and minimize the clutter within your home.

From cheap wall mirrors to transforming furniture, you can make your studio apartment appear larger and more inviting, based upon the type of furniture pieces that you select for your home.

You may be able to reduce clutter even further by utilizing some nifty DIY tips to maximize your home’s storage capabilities. 

In addition to the furniture you select to decorate your studio, it is worth taking the time to consider your color preferences.

Generally, simple color palettes will have the most appeal within a studio apartment. However, the specific colors with which you choose to decorate your home will speak volumes about your home, the atmosphere and you. 

Tip 1: Buy Space Saving Furniture

Space saving furniture is great for a studio apartment as these furniture pieces can make your home appear larger.

Multifunction furniture also saves space, as you will not need to purchase as many pieces of furniture for your studio apartment.

As less purchases are required, you can actually save money by selecting multifunction furniture and décor items.   

Space saving furniture goes a long way to reduce the clutter within your home by offering a convenient way to store items.

By minimizing clutter, you can improve the overall look of your studio apartment, and make it appear larger and more inviting. 

There are so many creative transforming furniture items available today. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Classic drop leaf tables. A studio apartment does not offer a lot of room for a large and extravagant dining space. However, classic drop leaf tables are smaller tables that can be extended into a larger table, when necessary. These tables come in a variety of styles and colors. Several classic drop leaf table styles can even be further customized. 
  • Stacking kitchen chairs. Stackable kitchen chairs are a wonderful addition to a studio apartment, as they do not take up as much space once stacked, but can also offer appropriate seating when entertaining guests. 
  • Space-saving desk. When selecting a desk for a laptop or desktop computer, it is worth taking the time to find one that does not take up much space or, alternatively, a desk that includes a multitude of storage options. Desks that are taller, rather than lengthier, can be especially useful in a studio apartment. 
  • Storage bedframes. Platform bedframes that include drawers or other methods of clutter-free storage options can help reduce the space using for bedroom items in your studio apartment. If used to store clothing items, you may not even have need for a dresser. This space saving furniture item is dual-purpose. 
  • Futons or sofa beds. Futons and sofas that can double as beds are incredibly popular for studio apartments. Most studio apartments do not include a divider wall between living and bedroom areas of the home. If you entertain a lot of guests, you may benefit from a futon or sofa bed, which both come in a variety of styles and colors. 
  • Ottomans with storage. Depending on your furniture set up, you may benefit from purchasing an ottoman that includes a storage space. Ottomans can serve as extra seating, footrests and you can store items that you would prefer to have within arm’s reach, rather than cluttering a table. 

Tip 2: Build DIY Storage to Save Space

Home décor ideas with DIY capabilities are not only affordable, but most are rather simple, and can reduce the amount of clutter and bulky furniture in your studio apartment.

If you enjoy do-it-yourself projects, or you are simply trying to save more space in your apartment, you may benefit from DIY storage items such as: 

  • DIY storage pegboard organizers. Pegboards come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. For this DIY project, all you need is a pegboard and enough tacks for all of your accessories. There are several accessories that can be tacked to a hanging pegboard, including hats, scarves, ties and belts. You may also find it beneficial to put your house keys on the board, especially if you frequently have trouble finding your keys before leaving home. 
  • DIY cabinet pocket organizers. Cabinet pocket organizers can be a great addition to under-the-sink cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom. The pocket organizers can be placed on the inside of the cabinet door and each pocket can be filled with small items, including items such as dish gloves, scrub brushes, cleaners, sponges, loafs, toothbrushes, razors and more. 
  • DIY bathroom towel storage baskets. If you are short on storage space for bathroom towels, consider this next DIY hack. Look for simple baskets (or make a few of your own!). Screw the baskets onto the wall sideways in your bathroom and add your folded or rolled towels into the baskets. 

Tip 3: Add Space and Save Money With Cheap Wall Mirrors

Cheap wall mirrors offer a lot of benefits to small apartments. Not only are wall mirrors affordable and easy to install, but several wall mirrors double as small storage spaces.

While commonly found in bathrooms, these mirrors can also be installed in other areas of a home. You can store small items in the storage compartments, including jewelry, medicine, toothbrushes, razors, hair ties and more.

A cheap wall mirror takes up far less space than a standing mirror, replaces the need for a vanity and can appear to brighten a room and add additional depth to a wall.

Some wall mirror units also include an additional storage shelf or hanger rack beneath the mirror, in order to provide additional storage opportunities. 

Tip 4: Keep a Simple Color Palette

When learning how to decorate an apartment, it is important to actively determine the color palette that you would like to use for your furniture and décor.

Regardless of which small studio apartment ideas you choose to incorporate into your home, it is worth taking the time to determine the type of style and atmosphere that you would like to have before purchasing furniture, décor or embarking on a DIY project. 

In addition determining the types of colors that you wish to use, experts recommend that you stick to a certain amount of colors, such as between three and five colors, in order to maximize the atmosphere and the look that you would like to achieve.

Colors should be similar in saturation and hues, in order to achieve the best effect. 

When determining how to decorate your apartment, it is important to first determine the colors that you like and the colors that you must already utilize.

What color are the walls, counter tops, flooring and cabinetry in your studio apartment? Do you have any existing furniture? Use these colors as a starting point, and branch out from there. 

Monochromatic Color Palettes

Monochromatic color palettes involve colors that are different shades and hues of the same color.

For example, using only different shades of blue or different shades of yellow would be an example of a monochromatic color palette.

If you do not intend to use a lot of color when determining small studio apartment ideas for decorating, you can utilize various shades of gray, white and black. 

Harmonious Color Palettes

Harmonious color palettes can give off a relaxing atmosphere. Harmonious colors are considered the colors that are directly next to one another on a color wheel.

For example, dark blue, light blue and green make up a harmonious color palette. The same can be said for yellow, orange and red. 

Complementary Color Palettes

When learning how to decorate an apartment to have a lively feel, consider a complementary color palette. This type of color palette utilizes colors that are opposite of one another on a color wheel.

Therefore, each color stands out in a vibrant way. For example, orange and blue are complementary colors; so are yellow and purple.