Learn About the Best Apps for Home Services

Learn About the Best Apps for Home Services

Smartphone apps for home services have become more popular than ever.

With everything from home cleaning services to dog walking and babysitting at their fingertips, consumers can look to their smartphones when they need help with almost any task. 

There are several home service apps available for iOS and Android. These apps allow homeowners to find help with a variety of tasks, like cleaning, plumbing, gardening and general handyman work. 

Apps for home services are extremely convenient, especially in a pinch. After logging on and browsing through their chosen category, homeowners can access a list of available workers who will complete the task at hand.

Better yet, there is often very little wait time.

Consumers can complete payments, reviews and transactions entirely through the mobile app. This provides a secure option for both the homeowner and the service worker.

Homeowners can compare contractors, read reviews from other users and receive free estimates. To learn more about these apps and the services that you can order through your mobile device, read on. 

Learn About Home Services That You Can Buy on Apps

The list of home services that are available for purchase is longer than you might think. Home cleaning services, construction services and landscaping are a few of the most popular.

But did you know you can order pet grooming right to your house?

Home cleaning spans far beyond the typical mopping, sweeping and vacuuming. Cleaners now offer additional complete sanitary services, ranging cleaning the house, vacuuming carpets and even doing laundry. 

Homeowners can typically choose from the following cleaning services to create a custom package:

  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Toilet and shower cleaning
  • Making the beds
  • Spot cleaning 

Some home cleaning services also offer expert organizational help. Homeowners who need assistance with organizing a large number of possessions may require help from bulk cleaners and movers.

For example, those who have entire rooms filled with boxes and belongings may find cleaners who will assist in categorizing the items. 

There many more home services that are available online and on mobile apps, including:

  • Furniture assembly.
  • Pet grooming and care.
  • Plumbing.
  • Electrical work.
  • Painting.
  • Heavy lifting.
  • Packing and moving.
  • Landscaping .
  • Pool cleaning.

About the Benefits of Home Service Apps

Home service apps offer many benefits to both homeowners and contractors. For homeowners, these apps offer convenience and quick solutions.

For contractors, they offer client exposure and an opportunity for growth.


Apps for home services are widely available for iPhone and Android. Nearly anyone with a smartphone can access these apps and find qualified contractors in no time.

This eliminates the need to look through the classifieds or contact friends and family for recommendations. 


Using an app for cleaners or housekeepers also cuts out the middleman. Homeowners who need cleaning or organizing help can typically find a qualified cleaner in a matter of minutes when using mobile apps.

In many cases, the cleaner may be available on that very day.


Task apps are safe and secure. All transactions are handled through the app, which decreases the risk of scams.

It can be a bit risky finding a general handyman through an ad in the paper and figuring out the best way to pay.

Plus, there is always the added risk of paying a contractor and not receiving the service you agreed upon. 


Apps like the Handy app allow homeowners to choose the professional they would like to perform the work.

They can view several workers’ profiles, skills and experience levels before booking an appointment. This is not always the case when contacting professional companies, who often send the next available technician. 


Home service apps are free to use and typically allow homeowners to receive free estimates as well. This helps ensure complete satisfaction on both ends.

Download and install any of these apps free of charge before booking a service appointment.

Learn About Home Service Apps That You Can Download

Apps for home services are available on almost all devices. There are dozens of apps for you to download, most of which are free of charge.

Below are some of the best apps and a quick summary of their features. 

Handy App

The Handy app is one of the most popular apps for cleaning services, handywork and general labor. The app prides itself on allowing users to connect with top-quality, pre-screened professionals in all fields.

Whether you need home cleaning services or are looking for someone to assemble your new bedframe, Handy has you covered. 

Formerly known as Handybook, the platform was created in 2012. Now, Handy app is available on all app stores and mobile device platforms. 

The top services on the app include:

Takl App

The Takl app is another handyman app that allows homeowners to connect with professionals for a variety of home service needs.

The best part about this app is it provides more than 400 pre-priced home projects, which means homeowners are never surprised by the cost or price of a job. 

From assembly to hourly help, the Takl app helps homeowners find a wealth of professionals and general laborers to help them with all their home-related needs. 

A few of the most popular services on Takl include:

  • Automotive repair.
  • Lawn and yard care.
  • Delivery and courier services.
  • Pet care.


Thumbtack is another handyman app like Uber in the sense that homeowners can order a job right on their smartphone.

However, Thumbtack also works on a laptop, tablet or computer. The platform provides real prices from local professionals, along with trusted reviews. 

Thumbtack has home services alongside more specific services. For example, the platform helps with wedding planning, like finding photographers, videographers and bakers to complete the big day.